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    first and foremost
    The next update (free update) will include spell checker!

    “…Finally a unique app that is going to change habits..”

    ## Full Screen Keyboard – Super Keyboard ##

    How many times did you postpone Emails or long texts until a computer was reachable because you are frustrated of confronting the iPhone’s tiny keyboard?

    *Full screen keyboard with double sized buttons.
    *ABC keyboard and Numeric keypad layout.
    *Common punctuations on the main keyboard.
    *Full configuration customizations.

    ## What is Super Keyboard?
    Super Keyboard is a full screen keyboard app with twice as large buttons than the native keyboard.

    ##How does it work?
    The keyboard is semi-transparent and the content is behind the buttons.
    Visual properties such as: Keyboard’s transparency, text color, buttons color and font size are customizable.

    ## What is there besides HUGE keyboard?
    The main ABC keyboard includes common punctuations for instance: “ , ! ? . “
    The numeric keyboard layout is “keypad” (the numbers are not in a row) and includes all other special chars and math operators.

    ## What can be done after the content was typed in?
    From the app it is possible to send SMS, E-Mail, Google it, Copy to clipboard or search it in a user defined search engine.

    ## How do I use it in other 3-rd party apps?
    Thanks to the new multitasking feature it is possible to switch easily between apps and use Super Keyboard whenever you’d like for example: Facebook, Twitter, Awesome notes, TO-DO etc…

    Website: http://shumski.net/superkeyboard

    iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/il/app/super-keyboard-full-screen/id375983829?mt=8








    YouTube - Full Screen Keyboard - Super Keyboard (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cba_gDNrsGk)
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    youtube's song
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    Please let me know if more codes are needed, thanks

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