Updated OS X & iTunes, library now missing

Discussion in 'OS X El Capitan (10.11)' started by mdwsta4, May 16, 2016.

  1. mdwsta4 macrumors 65816

    Jul 23, 2007
    This evening I updated OS X to 10.11.5 and iTunes to 12.4. No issue with the download, however when I open up iTunes, most, not all, of my music is missing. ALL of my playlists, apps, movies, and shows are missing. It appears to be linking to the correct music folder in finder. Everything was working perfectly fine before the update.

    Can anyone help fix this issue before I go through the PITA of a restore from backup?

    Thank you
  2. rjcchan macrumors member

    Sep 23, 2015
    perhaps you need to play with sidebar settings? it is now possible to have a different sidebar for each media type tho i am told there is a setting to correct this.
  3. mdwsta4 thread starter macrumors 65816

    Jul 23, 2007
    It has nothing to do with sidebar settings. My music now shows a total of 7gb when I have over 100gb. Not to mention the fact that not a single one of my playlists are appearing. The sidebar is nothing new; I've used it on the past versions of iTunes.
  4. mdwsta4 thread starter macrumors 65816

    Jul 23, 2007
    I simply reinstalled my entire iTunes library from a backup to get all my music/playlists back
  5. old-wiz macrumors G3

    Mar 26, 2008
    West Suburban Boston Ma
    Good to hear of someone else who believes in backups! Especially before updates.
  6. mdwsta4 thread starter macrumors 65816

    Jul 23, 2007
    I was out of the country for two weeks and always backup before leaving town. The update just happened to come out the day I got back which was convenient. But yes, after having my hard drive crash this past winter I went from backing up every two weeks to backing up every week or whenever I add a lot of new stuff (normally edited photos).


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