Updated plist Suggests New Apple Device iprod Coming Soon

Discussion in 'iPod' started by aznkid25, Aug 4, 2009.

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    Sep 15, 2007

    The latest beta of iPhone OS 3.1 contains a configuration for "iProd1,1," suggesting that the mysterious device is closer to being released. Whether it's a tablet or some other product is still anyone's guess.

    An updated USBConfiguration.plist in the most recent version of iPhone OS 3.1 beta offers compelling evidence that Apple has continued development on an unknown device, referred to as "iProd," that was first discovered in March. A developer alerted us to the appearance of the new device description for iProd1,1 inside the configuration file. As most Apple devices are assigned the "1,1" designation in the first revision, this leads us to believe that there is indeed an unknown product inside of Apple under active development running the iPhone OS.

    The iProd1,1 device has been assigned a new productID of 4762 (versus 4757 of iProd0,1) and assigned a different ConfigurationDescriptor of "standardMuxPTPEthernet." iPhone models also have this designation, and the additional interface identified in the plist for this configuration is "AppleUSBEthernet." The consensus here seems to be that the new device may have gained high-speed networking capabilities—though the iPhone uses the interface to tether to a laptop to share its 3G connection.

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