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    Copy/paste of new features:

    Version 0.9.10b7 of redsn0w adds a collection of useful features: It finally implements the corona-A5 jailbreak for iPhone4S and iPad2 devices still at 5.0.1. It can also re-install that jailbreak for those who accidentally uninstalled the untether. When stitching an IPSW, it can now grab your blobs directly from Cydia. It now shows a lot more info about your device (for instance, whether your iPhone3G has the vulnerable baseband boot loader, or whether your iPhone3GS has the old exploitable bootrom. (And the next new feature to be added will be built-in restore support, to provide an alternative to iTunes restores.)

    No, this is not an untethered jailbreak for 5.1 firmware, but it incorporates new and added features into Redsn0w as explained above.

    Edit: I personally tested the new Redsn0w stitching mode using auto fetch blobs from Cydia.
    Worked as stated as long as you plugged the phone in BEFORE putting it in DFU mode.
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    I didn't realize you could put the iPhone into DFU when it wasn't plugged in. Huh. Then again I've never had a reason to try.
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    Very nice new features.
    Downloading right now.

    Nice, I like that feature.
    I have probably over 15-20 devices with saved blobs using TU on my computer.
    Sitting there and searching for the correct device serial number to stitch the custom IPSW was a pain.
    This is way easier.:)

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