Updated to iso 5.1 and lost data!

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by larswik, Mar 11, 2012.

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    I made a personal app for myself to use with my business. Basically it allowed me to save check amounts, check numbers and clients who I got them from. This allows me to save all that info when I go to the bank and only have to enter it into my computer 1 time a month for my business since I hate book keeping.

    ios 5.1 wiped out all of my own personal apps which is not a problem. But it wiped out all the saved data that I had so I don't know what checks I have received now from clients!

    That sucked! iTunes / Apple should have found a way to back up my personal apps as well. The $99 I pay should ensure any updates I install should not wipe out any data from any apps I created and use.
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    Yikes! That is awful! May I ask a couple of questions?

    Which method does your app use to persist data? SQLite? Core Data? Something else?

    Are you using iCloud to back up data?

    Is it possible the update did not erase your data, but instead simply caused your app to not be able to display your data?

    These are just some things I would examine before I get too discouraged.

    I ask because I've had a couple times where I did an iOS upgrade or re-install and I thought I'd lost all my data (some of it not easily replaceable.:eek:) But after Googling about my specific circumstance at the time (don't remember all the details) I was able to get my data back.
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    EDIT: I stand corrected... After I downloaded and installed Lion 10.7 I downloaded and installed Xcode 4.3.1. When I ran my app using my iPhone instead of the simulator the settings and my saved property lists were still there and I had access to all my data. It's odd because when I remove an app from my phone it deletes it. I thought my sandbox was also removed because the app was gone. But TheWatchfulOne, you were right it seems my sandbox with my stuff was still there, just hidden. Sorry for the fuss.


    None of my personal apps were on the iPhone when it finished the update to 5.1. In fact only about 20% of all my apps were put back on the iphone. The rest were still located in iTunes from the backup before the 5.1 install. I did sync the phone and it added all the apps back to the phone but then needed to update 33 apps. I guess that might be why they did not get added back to the iphone when the update to 5.1 was finished.

    I looked through the backed up apps and none of my personal ones were there. I did a search for them on the phone but it did not find them. Also I can no longer use Snow Lep with the new 5.1 since Xcode 4.2 does not support 10.6. So in order to be able to use it again I am now upgrading my machine to Lion.

    My check logging program did not need anything sophisticated so I stored everything into Plists, no iCloud or other backups. If I knew updating to the new version of ios would wipe out my person apps I would have entered all my check data into my Mac first. Now I have to go to the bank and have them print out all the checks I deposited in the last month so I can do my book keeping.

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