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    ** NOTE: IF you are looking for a SLEEP/AWAKE feature like the Smart Cover, this product IS NOT for you**

    Great News! I just received an email that my iPad is ready for pickup! I'll be getting it tomorrow, and in the mean time I figured I would prep up for a review of the iPad case I got by Photive. I essentially got it for free through my Amazon Giftcards since I won a contest, but currently it's priced at $29.95 with a shipping time from 3-5 weeks! [guess I got lucky]

    The New iPad 3rd Generation Magnetic Cover Portfolio Case by Photive With Built In Stand. Front and Back Protection for Ipad 3 -Black

    Link to Amazon Product Listing

    Details From Amazon:
    Protect your New Ipad ( iPad 3) with this Photive IP3 Smart Snap Case at all times! It was designed alongside iPad 3rd generation to be its perfect match. Precision fit one-piece flexible construction doesn’t add bulk. Its super soft microfiber lining keeps your iPad protected. Soft magnets secure the lid closed. There is even a cut out for the rear camera so that you can use the camera without removing the iPad 3 from the case. The slim, lightweight design has The New iPad totally covered. Latest Version

    • Specifically designed for the New Ipad . Apple iPad 3. Latest Vesion.
    • Built-in Stand - Case converts into a stand to hold the device upright for hands-free viewing of video, online books and more
    • Soft Interior Lining to protect your New Ipad From scratches. Ipad 3
    • Fitted Ipad 3 case has access to all the controls and features.
    • Secure locking system connects the case to the New Ipad 3. Fitted Locks hold the new generation in the case.
    • Front and Rear Protection

    I do have the case, but I don't have my iPad, so here is my share of the case without the iPad. I will update this post when I get the iPad :)

    Overall, the quality looks very sturdy. It looks and feels nice and very protective. The style of this case makes it have 4 snap locks [two on the top/bottom right, and two semi-center].
    I put my iPad in, and it says strong. It doesn't budge. By design the left side is "not locked" because of the ability to change views, but that itself is a pain to do (see landscape mode)


    Another design that seems wonderful is the typing mode. It functions exactly like the smart cover, in that the front cover has three sections that can roll up and be used in a typing stand.
    The reason why I said typing stand as opposed to smart cover, is because the Photive front cover is not strong enough to carry the weight of the iPad and the back plate to view in landscape mode [you know how the smart cover can be used for typing mode and landscape mode, this photive case can't do landscape mode using the smart cover way].

    I pushed it into typing mode, and i started typing. It was extremely comfortable and easy. One problem i had was you had to force it into typing mode. What i mean is when you fold the cover it doesn't always end up in the triangular shape, but it will take about a second to correct. Anyway, once in typing mode, it is damn steady. No wobbles, nothing.


    This doesn't mean that there is no way. You have the portfolio method. It's interesting to note that unlike tradition portfolios, there is no "back pocket" to tuck something in. Rather you just flip the front cover out, and then place the iPad on those notches. Easy and Simple!.

    I placed my iPad in the case, and tried to move it to landscape mode. I failed. Lol. You have to be really careful because what you have to do is you have to push the entire left side of the iPad out, while keeping the case in. Basically you want the left side of the iPad to come out. I tried for a while, and then I figured it out. I think the problem was I had no experience, so the difficulty. It's rather simple, but i still wish I had more arms, just because I fear my iPad will slip and crash. Sure it will hit the microfiber cloth, but the tension stands.


    This is rough land we walk on. For many iPad users, having hte Smart Sleep / Wake feature is important, however the polarity issues seem to stand for this case. Interestingly one reviewer, out of the others has claimed that their sleep / awake feature works on their new iPad 3. I highly doubt it, but I will try it out and update this post.
    UPDATE: Tried it and it did not work. To me it is hardly a problem. I set my iPad to auto sleep in two minutes of inactivity, and two minutes of idleness will not murder my iPad's battery life.


    As mentioned before, this product has a back case to it. It has a plastic border and a leathery rectangular surface over the back.


    It's a soft microfiber lining, but the only potential con i can see is it attracting dirt and dust from being in landscape mode. Luckily it extends through the entire case [front AND back, so we got a soft front and back to protect the iPad from scratches.
    The microfiber doesn't always clean the glass and the fingerprints, but i never really "forced" it to. Just by awaking and closing it does not remove finger prints. Hardly a problem for me because I picked up 2 microfiber cloths at my local staples [$0.50 each] and I'm happy. It's extra weight to carry around, but I like a clean iPad :)

    This is my first iPad, so in my opinion, it hardly changes the weight. Although i don't take it out of the case [it too is a pain for me (which i assume is a good thing), i like the feel of it, but the weight change is noticeable. Maybe it's just the iPad's new weight I am feeling, but it does seem slightly heavier in my hands. But that's natural with all cases.

    Overall Remarks and Conclusion​

    I'm going to keep it. For the price of $25 [back then, now it is $30], it's a great deal because this is made JUST for the new iPad. There are a lot of products made for both the iPad 2 and 3, so you may not be too sure about those, but this one is solid in feel, design, and style and like I said before,- made for the iPad [3rd Gen].
    Sure this doesn't have the Sleep / Awake feature that many people want, but a) it isn't mentioned in the product description on the Amazon listing page, and b) how hard can it be to press a button and slide [I'm not judging, but just saying that for those who don't care about the sleep / awake feature, then this is a great case].
    One thing I don't like about the case is that the front cover can't be pulled back. It changes the hold. Instead of holding a firm straight case, my fingers are starting to slope upwards because of the front cover not being 100% straight in the back. It's more like a \ _, with a tiny "slope up" in between. (will add pic tomorrow)

    I would give it 5 / 5 stars

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    just an update: pics have been added, and review has been extended (slightly) :)
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    Did anyone see that tumbleweed blow through here? :)
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    lolz that bad of a review eh? ;)
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    Thorough review! Would have considered it, had it not been for the landscape-use issues. I use my iPad almost exclusively in landscape.
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    Received my Poetic HardBack on Friday and I'm very happy with it.
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    Same case with a different brand. The exact same as the poetic case, the poetic one is ~$17 and you'll get it within day's of ordering.
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    Funny this is what I thought of too the second I saw it.
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    oh wow did not see the poetic. For the sleep and awake feature I would've gone with that, but tapping the home button and sliding isn't all too bad ;)

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