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    Hi all...

    Does the Mac App Store only check for updates to installed applications only ? Since i have an external drive, with a backup app on (the game is BiosShock 2) an do keep a backup on external so i won't have to redownload the 18Gig or so file later on...

    However, everytime i plug it in i get an update to this despite it not being actually installed at all..

    Apple tells me Software update is assosiated with your Apple ID, however when checking i am NOT signed in. yet the update it there.. unplug external drive and re-check, update disappears... "No software updates available"

    I do have other game installers on external, however, its probably the only one that has an update.

    To me though, I thought Software Update only checks for actually installed software.... not any software it finds on any attached drives.

    This would be like downloading OS X Yosemite installer, waiting for the next iteration, and Mac App Store finds it as an available update despite your not even using Yosemite.

    Any way to fix this ? Hiding updates it not possible since it does appear even when not signing in.

    Tried another user and same thing.... Apple informs me the only way would be just to delete it..

    If true, then this would be more of a "we want to to keep stuff in the cloud only" otherwise u may have issues like these....

    Its the only conclusion i came to.. Anyone else experience this ?

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  2. dZp, Jul 22, 2015
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    Anything Spotlight can find on any indexed drive(s), App Store will too.
    The easy solution is to archive (zip, dmg…) the original installer and then delete said original installer .app. Mac App Store then won't see the .app and won't prompt you to update.

    It's a similar issue to when people keep the original 'Install Mac OS X…' installer app on any indexed drive… but in that case, Mac App Store won't let you download the next dot release installer. Same solution: archive the installer .app.
  3. Tech198, Jul 22, 2015
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    ok,,, makes sense, except if what your saying that App Store works like spotlight in updating as well, only difference is user must take action when needed, then that goes against what the update function actually does doesn't it?

    I gathered it was meant to function as "updates being available for installed apps only" not on apps you have not installed, and not even on the same drive, yet still exists somewhere, like spotlight search does.

    Its two difference technologies. but they somehow function the same.

    I get why it would be as it is, but it kind of goes against what the update section actually does, (as per Apple's documentation)

    it never says other drives.... and the assumption if it being an "update" we all reckon its an update to an existing application installed....

    But not in this case. Apple will be getting back to me tomorrow with this anyway.

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