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Sep 6, 2007
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I am thinking of buying a new Mac and have always bought towers over the iMac line. However, it seems that some basic functionality is not available on the Mac Pros, namely, built in cameras (which I guess would belong on the ACDs, properly), and support for IR/apple remote/front row (which could also in theory, be incorporated through the ACD).

Does anyone know if upcoming updates to the Mac Pro will address some of these issues?

Pls spare me the "this is a professional machine, etc." responses. Obviously the Mac Pro is a professional machine. It could/should still offer this basic functionality! Just because you have a tower shouldn't preclude you from a built-in video! The remote is very handy as well.


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Aug 27, 2006
Well, yes it should. Where is the camera going to go? As you pointed out, in the ACDs in which case why complain about the Mac Pro missing this "basic" functionally? It would indeed be the ACD that needs addressing. You should also be complaining about the Mac Mini if you are going to bring this into question for the Mac Pro.

Front row? Sure. I guess. If the Mac Pro update hits with Leopard maybe we will see it.

The assumption here (and I am assuming) is that Pros don't need this stuff. If I buy a Mac Pro, I am not guaranteed to buy an ACD, in which case I get no camera. Also, I would be spending my time working as opposed to looking at video and watching full screen album art go by.

To be frank, I personally am hardly waiting for Front Row and a camera. Check the other threads. There are more significant updates to be had. If they want to add those (camera and IR), kudos to them. However, this is a Pro machine and thus gets treated as such. The very nature of this "basic" functionality is that which keeps it out of the Mac Pro. We could argue MBP, but it is pretty clear that product has shifted toward a slightly premium notebook. If you want a 15" from Apple, you have no choice but to go MBP.

Also, see above. :D


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Jul 5, 2007
This would be kind of hard to implement. Sure they could stick a camera and IR into the ACD, but not everyone who buys Mac Pros are going to buy ACDs. Sticking said items on the tower itself wouldn't make much sense as the tower wouldn't be in front of your face.

The only way I could see Apple implementing this is through external USB/FireWire dongles.