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  1. MistryUnique macrumors newbie

    Feb 24, 2012
    I have an iPhone 3g...3gs?......and my itunes says that an update is available for the iOS4.2.

    When I click "update" it says:

    "Updating to iPhone iOS4.2 will backup and restore the apps., media, contacts, calendars, notes, text messages and settings on your iPhone"

    My question - should I do this update? Will I lose all my settings on my phone - I have some text messages I want to save - I've transfered all photos already.

    I have been searching all afternoon and calling the iPhone store/help line is useless. I just want to know if my phone can be updated to the 4.2 and will I lose everything - and if so - how can I stop that from happening?

    I am computer stupid and iPhone stupid-er. I'm sure I don't use 1/16 of what iPhone is capable of -just simply b/c I don't understand. :/ Can someone help me - and explain it like I'm a 6 year old that wasn't born in the tech age. HA! ;) THANKS!

    ~ Misty
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