Updating from iOS from 3.1.3. to 4.2.

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  1. theBeefman macrumors newbie

    Dec 9, 2010
    I have an iPhone 3G and by chance, I haven't ever bothered updating the firmware from 3.1.3. to 4.2. The last time I considered it, I read that 4.2 was very slow for the 3G and made the phone unusable.

    Regardless, I was considering to update my phone anyways, and decided to ask you guys for advice. What would be the impact on performance? I only really use my phone for calling and texting. I'll check Facebook on it here and there. Otherwise, I don't do too much.
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    Dec 22, 2008
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    3G will work best with 3.1.3. However, with that firmware, you can't do lot with new apps because they are required 4.x.x or above. So, if you can live without these apps, then stay at 3.1.3.

    4.2.1 on 3G is a little slower than 3.1.3 but much, much better compare to 4.0. I think you will be fine if you go to 4.2.1.

    It is your call.

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