Updating graphics hardware - MBP late 2011.

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    I've boot camped my MBP for a while now and I use W8 64-bit. It runs perfect and everything is fine but I'm wondering where I can install updates for the graphics drivers, there's a suggested windows update but when I last tried to use that update my Mac wouldn't boot after trying to finalize updates, so I'm wondering whether there is anywhere on the Apple website with such downloads? I've tried looking but I couldn't seem to find anything.

    Much appreciated.

    Using a MBP late 2011 with Intel HD 3000 graphics.

    (I know gaming on MBP's isn't the idea, but I'm in the progress of saving for a gaming machine)

    Edit: After visiting another thread, someone mentioned Intel's website, and I've located what seems to be the updated graphics.
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    Go to Intel's website and install their updated drivers.

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