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    Hello Everyone.
    I currently have a late 2011 Macbook Pro. It came with 500 gb of hard drive space. I am already almost out of memory and thinking of upgrading memory. Is this an easy task? I recently added RAM myself, which was simple, but changing out hard drive seems more difficult if I want everything exactly the same (same applications, etc.). Any insight would be great. thanks.
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    For the MBP it is very easy. Basically just disconnect the battery to not shock yourself, then unscrew and disconnect the drive. Check out Ifixit.com.

    As far as data. Get a cheap USB enclosure on eBay or Amazon to put the old drive into. Then you can clone the drive.
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    First, I'd suggest you get this 2.5" enclosure:

    Then, pick up the 2.5" "bare drive" of your choice. This will end up inside the MacBook.

    You will also need to download CarbonCopyCloner from here:
    (you can download it and use it FREE for 30 days)

    You will also need THE RIGHT SIZE screwdriver for the small screws on the back of the MacBook. Check iFixit or other sites for which size you need, also instructions on how to do the job. Make sure you have the right size, or you may STRIP OUT THE SCREWS while trying to do the swap.


    Put the NEW drive inside the case for now, and connect it to the MacBook.

    Use Disk Utility to initialize it.

    Use CCC to "clone" the contents of your internal drive to the new drive (temporarily in the external case).

    - restart
    - as soon as you hear the startup sound, hold down the option key and KEEP HOLDING IT DOWN
    - the startup manager will appear. Select the icon for the external drive, and hit return
    - the MacBook should boot from the external drive

    When you get to the finder, go to "About this Mac" and BE SURE that you are booted from the external. Take a few moments to "look around" -- make sure it looks as you want it to be.

    NOW -- power everything down, and it's time to "do the swap".

    When you get the NEW drive into the MacBook, of course reboot -- it should boot right up to the finder. If it does, you're fine.

    Take the old drive and put it into the external case. It can now serve as your "emergency, bootable backup" drive.
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