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    Oct 28, 2009
    We have the MM family pack.

    Both my wife and I have set up some private calendars that we publish on MobileMe so that we can see each others calendars. This works fine, at least when we are home and have iCal open.

    When we are at work and update the calendars using our iPhones the updates are not published on the devices that subscribe to the calendar that we update. Only when we get home and open iCal do we se the updates (after iCal refreshes updates are on all devices).

    So am I right to understand that iCal alone cal update the *.ics file that is published on MobileMe? And updates made on any other devices will only update to subscribers when refreshed through iCal?

    --- update ---
    Just finished a chat with MobileMe support and iCal is needed in order to send calendar updates - updates made on the iPhone will not be published until they have been refreshed with iCal.

    The supporter did mention that the wish for updating/publishing calendar entries to subscribers without having to go through iCal was one of the most requested features - so perhaps an upcoming Calendar Beta....

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