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    Aug 15, 2008
    Hi folks,

    I know there'll be an update to the iOS for iPad coming hopefully within a few weeks.

    However, I need to clarify something. I'm currently away from home for a few months - my iPad is synced to the iMac in the UK. I'll definitely want to upgrade when the software update comes out, so is there any way to do this without ******** everything up on the iPad?

    I have my MacBook Pro here with me. Can I connect the iPad to get the update but still make sure I don't lose all of my apps and so on?

    Hope this makes sense and I hope there's a way ...would hate to have to wait months before being able to get the software update on my baby! :(
  2. McGilli macrumors 6502

    Nov 11, 2008
    My answer is YES it can be done.

    When the new firmware comes out - then download it SEPARATELY and NOT let itunes do it. just google the file and download it to your mac pro.

    Then. Put your iPad into DFU mode by holding POWER/HOME for 10 seconds - then let go of just the power for 10 seconds.

    you will then get an image of an ipad connector cable - pointing to an itunes logo (on the ipad screen).

    then plug it into your mac pro.

    Hold down OPTION on keyboard and click UPDATE - then you choose the folder you downloaded the new OS File to and click OK.

    Hmmmmmmm.... i THINK this will work.... I am wondering if the DFU mofe will trick the iPad into actually performing a full RESTORE instead of an UPGRADE....

    Let's see what others say...

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