Updating to iOS10 on iphone 6 worth it?

Discussion in 'iOS 10' started by SoApple, Sep 12, 2016.

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    knowing that most of the 3d touch features won't be available in ios10 for iphone 6 users , have most of you ip6 found a noticeable improvement? Is it worth updating to ios10?

    I've been reading that the gm version has slown the ip6 performance quiet a bit.

    Anyone know - more or less- what features non 3d touch iphones will not have?
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    Just update, i've always updated to anything on the day and almost never had any problems. The battery was a bit weak in the first days, but that may be the "machine learning code" scanning stuff. It takes some time to get used to the small "theme" upgrades and logging into the phone.

    As long you're not one of those OCD people that just need to run iOS 9.x.v.f downloaded on a tuedsay (because the bit identical monday version is just awful!), you'll be fine.
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    I upgrade my 6+ from 9.3.3JB to 10.0.1GM, TBH, can't feel any significant performance drop. The smoothness is more or less the same. May be you can feel some 0.1-0.2s delay occasionally, but that also happen in iOS 9 anyway.

    After the upgrade, I quite like the iOS design. It's more complicated now, but that's because more function available.

    All directions of the screen is utilised.

    Pull down is the notification centre.
    Pull right (assume is the 1st page) get you to the widgets.
    Pull up have control centre (I like the Home kit short cut, that's very very useful for me)
    Pull left go to next page (of course)
    Pull down (from the screen centre) give you the search function.

    One screen, 4 directions, 5 functions, very good utilisation.

    For Apple Watch user. IMO, iOS 10 is a must, because of the Watch OS3.

    And quite a lots of the stock apps has improved functions as well. So, it's worth the upgrade. For non jailbreak user, all you need is just a full backup, then upgrade. If don't like it, downgrade back to 9.3.5 and then recovery from backup. You can still do it in these few days (before Apple stop signing 9.3.5 via iTunes). So, worth a try, and nothing lose.
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    runs super nice on my iPhone 6. iOS 10 brings a very fresh Look and Feel - so yeah, you should upgrade.
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    The iPhone 6 is hardly a "legacy" phone performance wise so, from a security perspective alone, it is definitely worth the upgrade.
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    Not sure this is great advice to "Just update." I've been burned from updating older devices to a latest iOS in the past.

    Back with my iPhone 3G, I really regretted updating to the last supported iOS version. Opening the Messages app took foreeeevvverrrr.

    iOS 10 will probably be my last update for iPhone 6. We'll see...
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    Aug 20, 2013
    Is there any way to adjust the flashlight intensity on an iphone 6 without 3d touch?
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    I wonder if the intensity that is used there (for devices that don't support 3D Touch) already be at the highest level by default?
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    Yes, this way you can tell everyone you have all the benefits of an iPhone 7 and the benefit of a headphone jack.

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    Then stop reading, because people have no idea what they're on about.

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