Updowngrade to MBP + External display


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Nov 22, 2017
Hi there!

Actually I use for graphic design (Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Dreamweaver, NO 3D, NO video editing):
  • 27 inch 5k iMac from 2017 (3,5 i5, 8 GB ram, Radeon Pro 575).
  • 15 inch MBP 2015 (2,2 i7, 16 GB ram, Intel iris Pro graphics).
I mainly use the iMac and the MBP is in case I have to work away from home or travel (this happens 1 month per year).

I´m thinking on selling both devices and buy:
  • 16 inch MBP (or the 14 inch in case it happens...)
  • Dell U2520D USB-C display (25 inch, QHD 2560 X 1440)
This way I have a big screen at home and the portability as well.

I know i'm losing:
  • The 5K resolution (I would like a 25 inch 5K display, love the size!).
  • The 2 machine setup, so in case one of them fails I have backup machine...
Any thought on this idea?

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