Upgrade 2012 MBA to 2015 MBA worth it?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by mojitochica, Dec 4, 2015.

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    Last weekend my maxed out 13" mid-2012 MBA had a run in with some water, so I ordered a maxed out 13" 2015 MBA from the Apple refurb store expecting the worst. Well I took the 2012 MBA to the Genius Bar for inspection, and they said there was no damage! It was too late to cancel the order for the 2015 MBA, and now it's here. Is an upgrade from a 2012 MBA to a 2015 MBA worth it?
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  3. Serban, Dec 4, 2015
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    if you can return it go ahead, the 2016 version will be a big step from 2012
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    For me, upgrading from a maxed out 2012 MBA to a maxed out 2015 MBA is only worth it if the 2012 MBA no longer meets my needs. If the 2012 MBA still does what I need it to do, then I'd hold off upgrading. I'd save/invest the money and wait to see what 2016 or 2017 brings us.
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    The new computer will have much greater battery run time, much faster wifi (with a compatible router) and a much faster SSD. Is it "worth it"? I have no idea, that's something only you can answer. ;)
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    You know this how?
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    bec if they will release and there will be a macbook air, even if it will be not retina, still the new cpu and that igpu will be miles away, ddr4, those fast ssd, i think triple from 2012, thinner and lighter
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    Strictly conjecture on my part, but I'd be very surprised if apple did not, in some way, significantly upgrade the mba's display. The mbp would continue to differentiate itself with additional ports, faster processors and graphics cards, higher ram and ssd capacity, as is currently the case.

    The mba would offer a lower price tag, but with slower processors, less max ram and fewer ports.

    I think apple could continue to offer strong differentiation between the mba and mbp lines even with what I hope/assume will be a major upgrade in the mba display with the next revision.
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    I recently upgraded my 2012 MBA (8 gb RAM, 256 SSD, 2.0 CPU) to a 2015 MBA (8 gb, 256, 2.2). It cost me around $500 for the upgrade after I sold my 2012 and paid for a refurb from Apple Store. It is a bit faster but not outstandingly so but the main difference has been in the battery life which is approximately twice as long. I had the 2012 for over 2 years (also a refurb) and the battery cycle reflected that. Overall the 2015 is a better laptop but not by a huge amount. I am very satisfied with the 2015 and will upgrade in 2 years again which seems to be my cycle. I really wanted a Retina screen but was very disappointed in the 12" MBA and just did not want an MB Pro. The current MBA screen, while rather antiquated, still works pretty well for me. While I am still a Windows user insofar as my office work is concerned, I am a huge fan of the Apple products (wife owns Iphone and Ipad Air, me the MBA and the Iphone). Hopefully in 2 years Apple will have a 13" laptop that has a Retina screen but also close to the form factor of the MBA - it truly is the greatest laptop I have owned. I did also have to upgrade my Parallels but it was a very smooth transition. Waiting for the latest, greatest is never a good option in my opinion - get what you need now. With Apple products, the resale value is so good that you can never really lose.

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