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Jul 11, 2007
i am so new to macs and about to make a purchase here in the next few days. I am wondering how upgradable todays macbook pro's are in terms of graphics cards, processors and ram. I have decided to dish out the extra cash, on MBP, but i wanna know if this is something that can be easiliy upgraded in the next couple of years.....

coming out of the pc world, still in a state of shock.....

thank u in advance..


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Jul 1, 2004
so can I ask some apple technician to upgrade the harddrive for me? (in an apple store)
Yes. It's been reported that
1) the cost of the labor is $80/hr
2) you must supply the Drive and
3) the drive is not covered under the apple warranty.

In short, an external USB/FW drive might serve your needs better and at a lower cost.

Pretty much, the only user upgradable part is the RAM.