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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by williedigital, Jun 14, 2008.

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    Ok, so I have a 1st gen 8gb iphone that I've had since the price drop to $400. Love it. I want to upgrade to the 3g model once it's available on the 11th. How exactly does this work?

    My assumption is that my existing contract is cancelled on the spot in the store, my #,contacts/etc somehow magically transfered, i sign a new contract, pay for the 3g phone, and boom--I'm out the door with my new 3g iphone essentially replacing the old 1st gen.

    But at that point, what can I do with my iphone 1st gen? Does it have the ability to work essentially as a slightly fatter ipod touch, or would I need a new contact/sim card to enable all that stuff again? Can I give it to my girlfriend? If so, will she be able to sign up on the old data/voice plan rates, or will she have to pay the new rates on old tech
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    your contacts will not be transfered, they should be on your computer, in address book if you have a mac...

    Your old iPhone will function just like a ipod touch, you can also give it to someone else and they can activate it on their plan, she will also get the old data rates
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    What you do with your old iPhone is your choice so if you give it to your girlfriend, she could then sign up/extend her current/new contract with AT&T.

    Be sure to delete any incriminating evidence off your old iPhone before giving it to your GF :rolleyes:

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