Upgrade conundrum


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May 28, 2014
My mid 2014 Macbook Pro (16G ram, 500G SSD, El Capitan) does (almost) everything I want it to do - nothing exotic, internet, eMail, Photoshop etc and 3 old but important Windows programs running under Win XP in Parallels. I do have the Mac version of Libre Office but thought I might give Pages etc. a try - no luck - current Pages won't download to El Capitan so I looked at upping to the latest OS.

But my current (3 year old) version of Parallels won't run under the new OS - OK, I can spring for an upgrade -but - the new Parallels won't run XP and, even if I grit my teeth and fork over $100+ to Micro$hit, my old legacy programs won't run on Win10.

Nothing is really broken. I am really careful to the point of paranoia about downloads etc. so security improvements are not a big draw so I guess I'll keep living in the past.