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Aug 22, 2012
I think I'm hosed... so I have come to the experts/geniuses for help.

My iPod Touch 4G was dropped and shattered. I had it replaced and it came back with iOS5. I had been using 4.3.3. I have never jailbroken, so you must be asking "why would you care?".

4.3.3 allows me to keep using iTunes The reason that is important, is because Apple somehow figured out after how to prevent people from loading their own compressed (Handbrake) movies onto idevices through iTunes.

Aside: I have LOTS of movies that I compressed into m4v files. When I use iTunes, they go right onto ALL my devices perfectly. When I upgrade past, I get some derivation of the error, "iTunes did not put [movie name] on this [idevice] because it can not be played on this [idevice]." That's BS. When I revert to, it works perfectly.​

Playing movies is one of the main things I use my idevices for. So it is important for me to keep iTunes However, the new iPod Touch 4G, with iOS5, tells me that I cannot connect to iTunes and that I must upgrade iTunes... which I don't want to do. (see "LOTS of movies".)

So the next logical step is to attempt to downgrade to iOS4.something. But when I look at the new 4G, it has no SHSH blobs for iOS4.

So it seems my choices are, 1.) Keep my iTunes and never be able to use the new Touch 4G or 2.) Upgrade iTunes and render my iPad and other 3 iPod Touches unable have movies transferred to them.

Is there a solution that I am too unknowledgeable to ascertain?

Thank you VERY much for any help!


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Aug 27, 2012
You would have to find an older version of your iPod's .ispw file and then restore that onto the iPod. Google for details on how to do this.


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Jan 16, 2008
Hi. I am able to add ripped movies using the latest version of Handbrake and iTunes. I used it this weekend to add movies to my iPad.
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