Upgrade eligibility problems? Small tip that helped me...

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by JReynolds, Jun 18, 2010.

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    I was having a horrible time trying to upgrade my iPhone. I CALLED multiple times and not a single PHONE REP could do anything for me. They were a waste of time and didn't seem concerned with my situation. (don't blame them ;))

    I gave one last ditch effort and DROVE TO A PHYSICAL ATT BUILDING. I spoke with a rep for less than 5 min. He called a manager over and they overrode my eligibility date. My wife and I are getting our iPhones June 24th now!

    Moral of the story. A face to face conversation with a rep that deals with the "day to day upgrade issues" (his words) may be able to help you.

    Every phone rep told me they could do nothing, the store rep took 5 min and my problem was solved.

    Hope this helps somebody. I didn't really think about going to the store to talk. Figured it was no different than the phone rep and wouldn't change anything. Give it a try!
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    Yep I agree!

    A visit to the core store Tuesday and a conversation with the store manager got it done for me!

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