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    I have been using a 2008 Mac Pro for awhile now, but it is definitely starting to feel nine years old and needs updating. I am the media/tech guy at my church and school so I use the machine heavily for various tasks. My main tasks are graphic design in photoshop, video editing in premiere pro, website work in Wordpress, and a lot of browser based work for the school (gsuite work mostly). All of my video work is currently in 720p, but I will likely start working in 1080p over the next year or two so I want to consider that. I also don't do any 3D work in photoshop, but I do have some files for ordering banners that are several feet across at 300 DPI. More important than any one thing is the need to have a couple of programs open at once. I don't multitask when using Premiere, but I am often working in photoshop and then have to switch to my browser to fix something while having an email open and a text editor having something up.

    I have a couple of 2tb external drives that store video footage and photoshop projects currently, so I'm not really looking for a giant internal drive, just a good SSD that can help with browser work and my current USB 3 drives for storage.

    My current monitors are older as well, so they will be replaced as part of this upgrade. Definitely a minimum of 2 displays but I could use 3. I don't have any displays in mind at the moment, but I would want them all to be 24"+ for the graphics and video editing.

    I am interested in different options you can think of but I'm debating to myself now if I should go ahead and get a newer pro model and upgrade my displays, should I go with a 27" iMac and a secondary display, or something I'm not considering. Used or refurbished doesn't bother me because I can typically get a better deal, but it needs to be in good condition obviously.

    I am concerned about price just like everyone else, but I also want a quality machine that will last. I do not want to spend more than $3000 on the whole setup (computer and monitors) so I am going to say that is my max budget. Any suggestions on machines, monitors, RAM, processor speed, etc. are welcome.
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    Get the iMac 27-inch 2017. And figure out what kind of specs you really need.

    It comes with a 5K display. It can be configurable up to a 4.2GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor. And the options for memory is 16GB, 32GB, 64GB of memory. The storage drive that comes with a 2TB Fusion Drive and can be configured to 2TB SSD. The graphics is Radeon Pro 580 with 8GB of VRAM.

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