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Mar 8, 2015

i will sell my iPhone 13 Pro because I will get the new Iphone 15 Pro.
A friend of mine will buy my 13 Pro. She actually has an iPhone X. The iPhone X will not get IOS 17.

My question is -> am I right that I should NOT update to IOS 17 on my iPhone 13 Pro? Because if I upgrade to IOS 17 I suppose it will not be possible to overtake all settings from the iPhone X from my friend once she get my iPhone 13 Pro next Friday.

Is my assumption correct?


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Apr 30, 2012
As far as I remember, you can restore an iOS 16 device to iOS 17 but you can’t restore an iOS 17 device back to iOS 16. Higher OS backups can’t be used on earlier OS revisions.

If your friend makes an iOS 16 backup on their X, she can restore it to an iPhone 13 running iOS 17. But if you wanna play it safe, leave it on iOS 16. But going forward shouldn’t be an issue. It’s needing to revert backwards where restore files can’t be used.
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