upgrade from MBP 17" to uMBP 17" , some questions

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by felt., Aug 14, 2009.

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    so apple is going to send me a new 2.8ghz uMBP 17" in exchange for my old 2.5ghz mbp 17" glossy for free. I had 3 major repairs done and after trying for a fourth they were clearly annoyed with me and to get rid of me they offered a new uMBP 17".

    I enjoy the how the glossy display has vibrant colors etc, but I find after extended use it starts to burn my eyeballs, even without having display at full brightness. I don't think i could deal with a glassbook because of the mirror like qualities it possesses, so I'm going with the matte display, but wondering if i may regret it in the future. I dont have any experience using the glassbook or one with a matte display for extended periods, so just wondering how people feel about their displays, what are the pros and the cons of the glassy and the matte? I realize I can search the forums for the countless matte vs glossy threads etc, but I just wanna know if anyone has picked one and regretted it later, and why, so I can avoid doing that..

    also thanks to macrumors forum for teaching me to expect nothing less than perfection from apple products :eek:
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    Aug 14, 2009
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    bump on a log in a hole in the bottom of the sea
    Unibody MacBook Pro. :p
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    I am a graphic/web designer and my first MBP 17" was the glossy version. After a while my eyes would get really tired and sore. I hated seeing my reflection when watching movies in bed, and I hated the reflections of the windows, keyboard, and everything else.

    I exchanged it for a matte screen and have loved it ever since.

    This is of course personal taste. IMO go with the matte, but make sure you calibrate it (or PM me and I'll send you my profile).

    Good luck!
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    go matte...i think the screen looks far better.

    realistic looking, i have used both and returned gloss for matte.
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    Id go matte 99% of the way. The only thing holding me back in making it 100% is the silver border on the MBP is damn UGLY. I really like the black border as it makes the MBP look so elegant and sexy.

    How i wish that there will be a MBP that is matte and with black borders.....
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    It's just a laptop, dude.

    OP, go for matte.
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    Im using the glossy 17'' umbp right now, and i had eyewear from the original setting. Something all mb owners should do is immediately recalibrate the display. Proper calibration profiles are put up on this site, and they make a world of difference. My eyes no longer get tired. Glossy just annoys the hell out of me since everywhere I go, unless its dark, I see reflections. If i had the luxury, I would definitely return and get the matte, hands down. Dealing with the eyewear is easy. Ideally, I'd like it if they kept the glossy bezel, but made the screen matte haha. Then its design AND function rather than one or the other =\.

    I've noticed that my mba rev b, and mbp 13'' both came out of the box spewing light and colors. Found calibration profiles for both and they look much cleaner, are easier on the eyes, and are more truthful to the color accuracy.

    Just as a reference, my 2.8 umbp started having fan rattling on the left side, and some other 17''ers have reported this too. Just something to watch out for--you'll just have to take it in to get it fixed, or someone posted on macrumors a fix DIY.

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