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Oct 13, 2009
I have a Panasonic DVX 100 and while it is a great camera I wonder if it is a little old regarding technology. I do not have enough money for the Panasonic HVX 200 yet. Cameras like the Panasonic HDC-TM300k and other hand held HD camcorders seem to almost shoot very high quality and comparable to the dvx 100 that I currently have (with HD being something people ask for a lot). I shoot wedding and other events, and film shorts for the web.

Here is my question, would I be taken seriously with a hand held camera (even though its HD) vs. the DVX 100? If I show up to a wedding with the hand held will I be laughed at despite the great quality? Does the TM300k compare to the DVX100?

Any help would be great. Thank you.


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Jan 11, 2002
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I doubt anyone will laugh at you but the bride and groom might wonder why they are paying a professional to tape their wedding using a camera that looks like what Uncle Larry uses to tape the family on Christmas morning. ;)

Regardless of results image does count for something when you are doing corporate and event work. Also, small cameras like that (heck, even most prosumer HD cameras) won't give you low light recording ability that's as good as your DVX.



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Sep 28, 2007
You might want to first see how much manual control you have with that consumer camera, and if you can plug external mics on it.

The DVX100a is the only Panasonic camera I've owned and it's got great manual control and XLR inputs. If you can't manually use the controls in the HD consumer camera, you'll get a lot of grain (even if it's HD) to make up for the lack of lighting (especially in weddings) and if the built-in mic is your only way to pick up audio, then it's not going to sound very good I'm afraid. It will then look and sound worse than your DVX100 can do.

Also perhaps consider renting the HVX 200 if buying it isn't an option at this time. I've never used it but I believe it has a very familiar feel from the DVX100 in both the buttons and LCD interface.


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Oct 13, 2009
thanks guys. thats kind of what i was figuring, just looking for some back up on it. i have used the 200 before and it is very similar and fantastic. thanks.


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Apr 25, 2009
Outside of the HVX200 have you looked into the Panasonic HMC-150 or HMC-40? The HMC line is a little less expense and shoots to the more affordable SD cards versus Tape or P2.

Owning the HVX200 and HMC150, I do prefer the HVX200 over the HMC-150 but I'm finding that the HMC-150 media and accessories are more affordable and available. This probable contributes to have a standard 72mm ring size and cheaper media.

My 2 cents.


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Mar 10, 2008
Anthemus is right, check out the 150, it's an excellent choice for you.

Also, the original HVX200, not the A model, is going for a song these days. I've seen used models with a 16g P2 card on ebay and a load of extras for less than 3k! Here's one now


Impossible to lie about the number of hours as it's in the menu system. Just find an owner you trust and sell your DVX to finance. Should be able to get a good chunk as it's still an excellent camera!

The HMC-150 though is a newer sensor block, about a stop better in low light (similar to 200a and HPX170), shoots to SD not P2, and has all of the manual control you're used to now. It does shoot a different codec, and not as friendly to post (AVC), but...there are work-arounds. Definitely a good choice.

I'd stay away from DSLRs for now...as you are limited to time (12 minutes) at a shot and you're shooting events. Other than that, JVC has a new 1/4" camera that may be worth exploring.

As to your questions about the handheld consumer cameras...as a professional (being paid to do the event), IMO, yes...you will catch some flack. Not only because of the physical look of using the camera at the event...but also the look of the footage you're able to achieve. As mentioned earlier, weddings are notoriously bad for lighting...you're going to have to light up the altar, aisle and reception hall like a Christmas tree if you're going to have any luck with these 1/6" sensors...you'll have very deep DOF shots always, and the lack of any kind of manual audio control will necessitate second system recording (Zoom, Tascam, etc.)....it's also, IMO, a pain to keep those little guys steady while shooting handheld!

You'll do much better for yourself keeping the DVX and waiting til you can jump into a 1/3" or bigger sensor for HD shooting. I also shoot weddings, generally 3 camera shoots (HVX200a, EX-1 and either 5d2 or 7d for specialty shots pre and post celebration...not for run and gun) and I dread shooting indoors with my HVX. I had to buy the EX-1 at the time...as it's the most I could afford to get better low light footage. It's just a pain to try to convince the bride you have to take away from here beautiful candle lit service...with a bank of 3,000 watts of lights;)

I suppose another option would be to keep your DVX and grab a Canon 7d for some "extra" footage and the option to shoot HD for some things. This would be an under 2k investment and you'd still have both options...just thinking out loud:) I do dig the abilities of the DSLRs in low light...they've come in handy on a couple of different dark shoots this year!


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