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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Crvntscndy, Feb 2, 2014.

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    Mar 5, 2012
    Texas , USA
    I am currenty with Sprint and am looking around to see where I can get the best deal for a family plan.

    My plan includes 4 iPhones and is as follows:

    Everything Data Share Plan
    Line 1: $110.00 Minimum Monthly Charge
    Lines 2-5: $19.99 Monthly Charge per line
    1500 Shared Anytime Minutes

    In total with taxes I pay 222.74. My usage includes around 900 minutes and around 10-12 gb data a month of heavy data usage.

    I was wondering what some of you are paying or y'all would suggest is a good family plan?
  2. Miz.Michele macrumors newbie

    Aug 2, 2010
    Personally, I think you pay a lot but it does depend on many factors such as subsidized phones and stuff and where you are located. For just straight monthly pricing with the usage you listed, T-Mobile has some great deals. These plans require you to purchase your own phone from them at full price or you can buy your own on amazon or somewhere.

    I have 4 lines all unlimited talk and text. My base price is $100. Each of those lines comes with 500mb of data. For 2 lines, I pay $20 more each line for unlimited 4G. My bill is $140.

    For 5 lines, you'd pay 50+30+10+10+10. That's $110 for 5 lines, unlimited talk and text and all lines get 500mb data per line.

    You can pay $10 more per line and get 2 gigs additional data per line (total 2.5 gig each line) and your bill would be $160. That's more data then you are using now and it includes 500mb tethered data.

    The data is really unlimited but once you use your allotment you get throttled back to 2G speeds.

    If certain people in the household don't use a ton of data, they can use the standard, or the additional 2 gigs. If some use a lot of data, you can pay $20 more (instead of $10) and get unlimited data per line.

    Here's an example
    $110 per month base, 1 family member keeps the 500mb data for no additional charge, 2 get 2.5 data for $10 each, and 2 get unlimited at $20 each.

    Total bill is $170.

    For complete unlimited everything it's the $110 base plus $100 ($20 each line) for unlimited data and you'd still come in cheaper than Sprint and would have way more data and unlimited minutes.

    With your usage the $160 example might suffice and even if you financed phones through them and broke it up monthly, it should save you money.

    AT&T also just announced a bunch of new plans but the pricing looks a bit confusing.

    Hope it helps.
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    Aug 26, 2009
    June/July is when new phones are released. Maybe there will be some new plans. You can sign up with carriers for the Newsletters and get info of their plans.
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    How do you only pay $220? What about your smartphone fees?

    I have 4 smartphones lines on the same 1500 everything data plan and I pay $236 with taxes and thats including a 10% employee discount...
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    It hasn't been June/July for a few years now. Lately new iPhones have been debuting September/October.
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    Texas , USA
    I don't know, I also have 4 lines... Maybe state taxes are a factor...I live in Texas... but I also get the employee discount.

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    Texas , USA
    Appreciate the information.

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