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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Theros, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Theros macrumors newbie

    Dec 11, 2010
    Hi, i have an MBP 15'' with i7 (the top model from the 2010 with 2.66ghz and 330m 512MB), yesterday i saw the 2.2 model with HD6750 here in the Apple authorized reseller from my city, here are a bit more expensive, for example in the U.S the top model usually costs 2200 while here in Mexico costs 33-34,000 pesos, which would be like 2800 dollars aprox.

    I admit i was OMG i want it (every year happens), the sad situation is that i bough my MBP the last year (exactly December 31, the last day lol), same happened when i had my MBP 15'' 2009 with C2D and 9400M (1 month later the 2010 were released). Yeah the upgrade from 9400M to 330M was very very notorious.

    Right now im a bit problematic with my decision, i explain you my situation:
    Im 17 years old (i study, so i dont work), and in 3 months i depart towards Germany for studies (i will do my last year of high school year and the university), i have saving for the travel, the first day i will use like 200-300 euros because i arrive in Brussels and from there i take a train towards Berlin, the flight was 200 euros and the difference towards 1000 euros flight made me to pick this one, that means i will need to use my savings and use my current,but since the 2011 models were released i was should i buy one? I only play Starcraft 2 alot and some basic games like Quakelive, UT2004 and Urban Terror, nothing very heavy, when i arrive to Germany i will start playing WoW with a friend there (yeah, he made fall in that game xD).

    My current MBP was chosen for OSX (i only use this, no bootcamp) and my great experience with my last MBP 15'' 2009, i sold that one because i couldn't play SC2 fine and picked an M15x, this last system was great but in the last flight to Germany made me to pay overweight and gave me some problems more later (bad quality, Mobo dead and waiting almost 2 months to had a good system working without problems with warranty), again i sold that system and picked this MBP which i have.

    The question is: My system must survive at least 1 years until i go to university (there probably i will need something more powerful to survive those 3 years studying), i only use Word, typical Facebook and MSN, games (which i said), again the most heavy-heavy game is SC2 and probably in the future WoW, do i must upgrade to the MBP 15'' with 2.2 or wait 1 year? I play happy SC2 in medium on OSX, and i can do almost everything fine with my current MBP, the only thing that makes me to consider the upgrade is the GPU, for SC2 and WoW (honestly the SC2's expansions is the only thing making me consider to upgrade, but i see that it will be released on 2012).

    Im happy with my system but i dont know if i must upgrade considering the prices here and plus to pay almost 700 dollars for the new one(here in Mercadolibre a.k.a ebay from Mexico there is too much people selling his MBP similar to mine at 2000 dollars, it would be a bit difficult to sell it without reducing price).

    I know that MBP are more cheap than here in the U.S, if my father goes to Atlanta (probably in that case i will go) in April i could consider to sell my MBP in 1800 aprox. or less to buy the new one and ask him if he can help me to pay the difference, in Atlanta there is an Apple Store? This is only a very low possibility because with the flight to Germany (My father will pay me everything to survive 3 months in Europe, that will be very expensive and the travel to the U.S seems not very possible).

    The other option is to upgrade to SSD, does this improve apart from daily use loadings in WoW and SC2? (People with SSD and using this game in OSX please comment his experiences). Thanks!
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    Feb 8, 2011
    United Kingdom
    More powerful? I think the mac you have already is pretty powerful... and you're just browsing internet? playing SC2? I really don't see why you would need a more powerful mac.. but again it's up to you.. this is my first mac, before I had a Core 2 Duo desktop (years old!) and I'll have this mac for years to come :p
  3. Theros thread starter macrumors newbie

    Dec 11, 2010
    Yeah, i use it more for normal use (music, web surfing, watching videos, downloading more music?) and typical office homeworks/powerpoint presentations. The most heavy is SC2, i come from an i7 820QM and the difference wasn't very notorios (normal use) only a bit in SC2 but this game only uses more 2 cores than 4.

    Im happy with mine but sometimes i get desperate with loadings on SC2, i dont know if i could improve this with the Quad core or SSD, apart from this sometimes i use iMovie for making videos and too much Zip/Rar (with 2gb takes a bit). I dont know if i must upgrade to Quad or get an SSD like everyone says (here will cost like 500 dollars for the 256gb, with less capacity i can't survive), the other option is the Momentus XT with 500gb. Honestly the only things that i want to upgrade are loadings in general, also if is possible to survive at least 1-2 years for the next upgrade.
  4. EVO9Nate macrumors member

    Apr 22, 2010
    If you want it and can afford, buy it… We only live once and there is really no assurance as to how long that will be. If staying on top of the tech market is your thing then I say go for it…

    I have owned every top of the line MACBOOK PRO since 2007. I have always sold the oldest one and upgraded everyone in my household with latest iterations of the MBP. We are all pretty happy with this arrangement. Some may roll their eyes or have negative comments regarding my habit but my family and I are very happy.


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    Apr 10, 2003
    A hot desert
    Imo, you are wasting money to upgrade. I work heavily with photography and my MacBook pro from 2007 is still 'good enough'

    For what you do, the difference will be absolutely tiny. Just get AppleCare (if you don't have it yet) and maybe, if you want more speed, but a ssd (I don't think you need to do that either)

    You absolutely don't need a faster processor based on what you listed, my Mac launches everything but photo apps in one bounce....and it's nearly four years old.

    When you actually go to university, reevaluate your needs..there I'll be an even better machine to which you can upgrade which will in turn last you through uni.

    I think it's really easy to get caught up in these forums and to forget most people use machines until the machines break down. At least 50% of people here who don't think they fit into a category of keeping a machine four years could easily do so, and never really notice a problem with that plan....but we get upgrade fever (myself too)

    I was happy to see how little difference there was (again, outside of photo work) between an i5 MacBook pro and my c2d 2.4 from nearly four years ago.
  6. adnoh macrumors 6502a


    Nov 14, 2010
    get the 15", 2.2ghz CPU, 6750 GPU and applecare - it will last you 4 years and you can game on it

    upgrade to an ssd for os and apps and use an external hd for everything else
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    Jan 1, 2011
    What up, 212?!

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