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Discussion in 'iMac' started by jmargolis, Mar 15, 2012.

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    I have 4GB on my iMac (Late 2009). I'd like to upgrade to 8GB. There are 4 slots, 2 have 2 GB DDR3 1067 Mhz each, the other two are empty. What's the best way to get to 8GB? Do I add two 2GB's or do I replace what I have with two 4 GB's? What is a good brand to buy and about how much should I expect to spend? Also, how do I make sure I got the right kind of memory for my Mac? Is it just DDR3 1067Mhz or is there more to it? Thanks!

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    Best way is to add two more 2GB. 2GBs are cheaper and if your goal is only 8 GB then adding super cheap 2GB is better. If your goal is 16 GB then add 2 4GB chips and run with 12.

    2x4GBs are only 40-50 bucks for a matched set.
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    Question about your recommendation imac model 10,1 updgrade

    I have the exact configuration as the original question with your response above….
    Is there any disadvantage to mixing up the 2 2GB with 2 4GB? Seems like I heard they slots work best with equal numbers. My goal is to get the max RAM of 16 GB which would mean purchasing all new 4 X 4GB. However, if it is significantly less money to add the 2 X 4GB and have a total of 12GB I would consider that if the performance is comparable.
    I am clueless on this.
    Thank you!


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