iPad mini Upgrade my Wifi 1st Gen Mini to a 4G Mini 2?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by yep-sure, Feb 3, 2015.

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    Hi all,

    I'm trying to decide what to do.

    I have a perfectly capable 16 GB 1st Gen iPad Mini. I love it, it's great. Honestly, I don't use it too much as I live in a small apartment and my rMBP or iPhone are normally within reach. I do take it to my parents house and sometimes to work, but where I really found it's value was when I went to Hawaii for a holiday.

    I'm considering selling it and getting a 4G 16GB Mini 2. Potentially a refurb.

    My potential usage scenarios:

    1) In a couple of weeks at work, we're moving to a new office and the plan is to go paperless. They're giving us laptops (Windows *sigh*), but it's not convenient to lug a laptop around to meetings. When I have taken the iPad Mini to work, it's been great for taking notes, but a pain for anything else without internet connectivity. Tethering to an iPhone can be clunky and unreliable, and I don't want to go over my data limit. I feel a Cellular Mini would be great for the office.

    2) I'm going to Europe for 5 weeks in September. I'm going by myself, and want the safety net of having a connected device with me at all times. I would just buy a SIM/Data pack when I got there and use the Mini. Sure, I could enable international roaming on my phone, but of course it costs a fortune. Alternatively I could still buy the SIM when I'm there and put it in my iPhone 6 and again personal hotspot, but again it's just not convenient.

    I'm undecided because I've only had the 1st Gen Mini for about a year, and I'm trying to curb unnecessary spending and save money (apart from the Europe trip, obviously).

    Do you think my above scenarios justify the purchase? Should I look at getting another 1st Gen Mini but with cellular? Should I be looking at getting the Mini 3 with cellular?

    Any advice/opinions would be appreciated.
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    Absolutely yes. The connectivity is priceless on my rMini.
    I bought the first gen at launch, used it for a year and upgraded to the retina model at its launch. I LOVED the original mini and I wasn't convinced that I'd done the right thing. But, after using it for a week, then going back to my original mini, I found that I had. Also, I did upgrade from 16 to 32 and have found that 32 is perfect for me. I didn't like deleting apps to upgrade the os.
    Both were data models. I am very mobile and a non data tablet is not useful to me. I've got a very capable Win 8.1 wifi only tablet but find it too limiting with the way I want to use a tablet.
    Everyone is different and you will have to decide, but if it were me, I would certainly make the jump. The device is unlocked so you shouldn't have a problem finding a service over seas that works with the data models.
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    Reading is a also MUCH nicer with the higher pixel density.
  4. RickTaylor macrumors 6502a

    Nov 9, 2013
    It sounds good to me. Because I used the iPad mini primarily for reading books, often in pdf format with technical notation, I upgraded from the original mini to the mini retina for the sake of the display, and it is very nice. I also get lost easily, and I really like the mini with LTE for the GPS capability. I could use a phone, but having a larger map can be very helpful.

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