Upgrade now or wait for Santa Rosa? WWDC in June??

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by zimtheinvader, Feb 8, 2007.

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    I am faced with the dillemma that I'd like to get a top-spec MBP 15", however this would have to last for a really long time, since I have the once-per-lifetime ADC discount, and I don't have the $$ to upgrade again until after grad school.

    I will be using the computer to run extensive soft-synths, dual-booting to Windows to run bio/chem apps and games, and secondarily to run FCP HD and encode video (once in a while,) so pretty intense tasks.

    Sooo, should I go ahead and get a new MBP next week, knowing what is on the horizon, or try to milk my PB until WWDC in June?

    Another option, especially since my PB keeps failing, would be to get an inexpensive MB from amazon for now, then upgrade to the maxed out MBP when the next revision arrives, since I still have 11mo left on my ADC....

    Still another option would be to get a refurb MBP CD1 from apple and then re-sell it once the next CD2.5/Centrino Pro arrives what do you all think??

    Do the Applestore CD1 refurbs still have the rev A. noise/power issues?
  2. TheDance511 macrumors 6502

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    I would say milk your pb and wait to get the mbp...its a great machine and you won't regret it:apple:
  3. bearbo macrumors 68000


    Jul 20, 2006
    we've got a HD moving encoding biochemist here...

    if you just want the computer to last, the next revision is not lasting much longer than this one. for instance, it's not like now that revision c powerbooks are all alive, and revision b ones are all dying.

    depend on how many yrs do you have til grad school ends, i'd say either both will last you til after, or neither will.

    don't wait, get it now.
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    Buy if you need it, wait if you want it.

    There is a lot on the table for the next upgrade, just saying. I own a 2.33 MBP that I originally bought because I wanted to have a machine that "me love long time", but now I can't wait to throw it out the window.

    Oh wait, it is not that bad, but I can't wait to turn it into some cash and then trade it for some of a LED backlit Macbook Pro.

    What you can potentially miss out:

    1. The x1600 GPU will be extremely dated for even Steve to put into one more revision, so you can safely expect a GPU upgrade
    2. There is this talk of the next rev sporting some of the new Samsung LED backlit panels that uses like 3W of power, another big step towards that 6 hour battery life
    3. Santa Rosa and all it includes, enough said.
    4. Leopard and iLife 06, easily $200 value!

    Be careful of advice telling you to "buy buy buy!". A lot of Apple shareholders on these forums who are watching out for their interests and not exactly yours. People who tell you to wait on the other hand are just watching your back :)
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    haha, yes. I worked for my last job producing short films for inclusion in keynote demonstrations, and continue to be involved re-encoding and archiving work for them. I'm actually a microbio/psych major, but the molecular imaging app is PC (haha we actually use dual-boot imacs to run it in lab! I was like,"why does this imac have antivirus software....ohhh") Plus I'm trying to revive my old hobby of songwriting, and I still have a WC3/FPS addiction...so I ask a lot of my computer!!

    Thanks for the advice, I'm really interested in an updated GPU, and perhaps the flash-based speed improvements, so hopefully those will debut at WWDC, so I'll try to abstain until then..!! Time to go to the repair shop tmr to get my PB tuned up

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