Upgrade Option and Price guesses based on latest Rumors

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Ridley, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. Ridley macrumors regular

    Mar 28, 2011
    I am sure you have all heard the rumors that the new MBA's will come standard with 4 gigs RAM and 128 gigs SSD. What are you guesses on how they would lay out the upgrade options? If Apple can get people into the upgrades it REALLY improves their margin.

    I'm guessing the 128 gigs to 256 storage will still be a $200 upgrade. Perhaps the 13 inch ultimate will have a 320 gig option for $250 upgrade fee.

    I'm kind of doubting the 11 inch will have a 8 gig ram option if 4 come standard. That would be a LOT of RAM for such a little guy. Perhaps 6 gig RAM upgrade for $100? Remember they are not using standard DIMMs so they can make the RAM any amount they want and might want to differentiate it a bit from the MBPs. 6 gigs RAM isn't all that unstandard either... it used to be the max for Merom based MBPs. If they did offer an 8 gig RAM upgrade it would be at LEAST $200 like it is on the MBPs. And perhaps only in the 13 inch models?

    For the processors I am REALLY confused how the upgrades are going to be laid out. According to the rumors there the 3 latest SB chips as likely candidates are...
    the 1.7 Ghz i5
    the 1.7 Ghz i7
    the 1.8 Ghz i7

    The only difference between the i5 and i7 being an extra MB L3 cache (the i5 with 3 and the i7 with 4)

    Performance wise, the extra meg of L3 cache would make the greatest improvement. I dont' think most people know this though so I am curious from a marketing perspective how the upgrade options are going to be? People might not want to upgrade to an i7 if its the same clock rate as the i5. Hell, i've seen people write on here saying that a 2.3 ghz C2D must be faster than a 2.0 Ghz sandy bridge because the clockrate number is higher.

    Maybe they will all have the same i5 process as the base model and only offer the 1.8 Ghz i7 as an upgrade? If so I can imagine them playing to the i5 vs i7 marketing material and charging $150 or $200 even though its probably only worth $50-$70 more. I think people in general assume an i7 is superior no matter what i5 or what i7 they are comparing.

    Or maybe they'll throw in an older 1.4 or 1.6 Ghz i5 as the base model and use the newer 1.7 Ghz i5 as the upgrade? Its going to be really interesting to see how the processor options are laid out
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    I'd love to add on a decent graphics card besides intels. Most upgrades will probley be CPU and accessory related.

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