Upgrade Program or Upgrade Contract? (UK)

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by BMox, Sep 22, 2016.

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    So I'm with Three at the moment and my contract is up for early renewal next month.

    I'm happy with their 4G coverage and they haven't given me any issues in the 2 and a bit years I've been with them.

    I've got the 6 Plus and it's served me well. I'm looking to get the IP7 and can get the 128gb version for £51 a month (making a saving of £5 each month to what I'm paying now) on another 2 year contract.

    But with all these rumours swirling about next years phone, I can obviously try and get on the upgrade program, and see what happens next year.

    So that would mean bumping down my tariff to a SIM only one, then paying the monthly payment to Apple, which would then work out to what I'm paying in my current contract.

    So I guess my question is do I just upgrade with Three and sign on for another two years, or do I attempt to get on the Upgrade Program (with no guarantee that I get on it (I've seen people here saying they've got perfect credit get declined))?
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    Hi Bmox I had the same sort of dilemma. I am currently on a SIM only plan in UK £14pm with 65% discount on a £20pm contract. After doing the maths and working out I choose to stick with my Sim only plan and use the upgrade program through Apple. You can upgrade the phone next year and includes iPhone protection with AppleCare+. Contact Three and just mention you want to leave, play them at their own game they will offer good retention deals :). Phones change all the time which is the main reason why I will never get myself into another 24 month contract. Good luck

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