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Nov 9, 2009
Quick question. My wife recently dropped her 3GS and shattered the screen and damaged the display. We're going to replace it with another 3GS from AT&T. Here is my question: her phone is currently on iOS 4.0. The new phone will be running iOS 4.3.4. I did finally back up her phone. Would it make sense to upgrade her broken phone (which still runs, just the display is messed up) to 4.3.4 and then back-up again, or will the new phone not care?

My question is this: are there any issues in restoring from a back-up to a new phone when the old phone was on a much earlier version of iOS (4.0) and the new one will be up-to-date?



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Jun 22, 2011
Should be fine. I've never heard of any issues with that type of scenario. It really only backs up settings, apps, etc.

She should be fine.


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Dec 24, 2010
Winnipeg, MB
Yeah it should work no problem. Note that if you get it from AT&T it might not be up to date because of how long it might have been since it was shipped from Apple to their warehouse. Nothing bad here, just don't be surprised if it asks you to upgrade the software to 4.3.4.
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