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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by gsusser, Sep 8, 2016.

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    A few questions from someone woefully uninformed:

    1. There's been some talk about unlocked or sim free models not being available for a while. I'm confused. I've bought my last 2 unlocked models on launch date. Perhaps there is a difference between unlocked and sim free? I never had a problem with my unlocked version when replacing the sim when traveling abroad. Is that because I use GSM in the US where I reside and get GSM when I travel? Is CDMA used widely outside the US?

    1a. In the past, I have purchased the phone with cash. If I go with the Apple Upgrade program, do I have to choose a carrier? Does the program have any effect on when I can purchase unlocked?

    2. I plan to sell my 6 on eBay. Is that the best option? Does listing it early, like as soon as I get my new phone, make a big difference in selling price? I'm concerned that I'll be getting in the selling market late if I have to wait for an unlocked version to become available.

    3. I've always gotten the maximum capacity model, 128gb as of late. I have a ton of music in high quality. The 128gb has suited me OK, but I have to rotate my music due to space limitations. Not a big deal though. However, I'm undecided about 256gb. I keep thinking it will have a better resale value (if I don't use the Apple upgrade program). Do you think the resale value should influence my decision?

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    See my comments in bold. Best of luck!

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