Upgrade soon (Verizon) 6 or wait for 6s?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by OregonRob, May 7, 2015.

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    So back in January I asked about iPhone 6 stuff because I had some reservations... After replacing the sim card in my s4 because of crappy signal and getting no improvement, as well as some other buggy issues, I've committed to trying the iPhone for a couple years...

    Biggest question still needs to be answered for me though:

    Should I go 6 when I can upgrade (June 21st) or should I wait for September to see what the 6s holds?

    I've been told the S is usually minor upgrades, so does it matter?
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    i this got the iphone 6 i would get the 6 now and wait for iphone 7
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    To your first question: With the gap in time from which you receive the option to upgrade to when the new device becomes available, I would personally wait out the three months for the newest model.

    To your second question: Correct, the S cycle typically introduces only minor improvements and perhaps a new software feature in tandem with whatever new features come with the release of iOS 9.

    With the 3GS, we saw a new processor, double the RAM, a new modem that had better signal capture and a higher speed, better camera and the introduction of the digital compass.

    With the iPhone 4S, we saw the intro of Siri(mostly software, but also a physical companion chip that processed voice to text), new processor, new modem that supported 14.4 HSDPA(GSM models only access this) and GSM/CDMA functions in one chip, and a better back camera(8MP, up from 5MP).

    The iPhone 5S introduced TouchID, upgraded processor(first x64? Also M7 coprocessor) and camera.

    With a lot of projections saying Apple will focus more on performance and stability, we are likely to see a new processor, increased RAM, better camera(sensor, aperture, pixel count[maybe]) and a new modem that will cover more frequency bands(carrier aggregation, international support), all while keeping the same form factor. If history serves, it will
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