Upgrade to iOS 6 for Security reasons?


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Feb 26, 2011
Cincinnati, OH
Hi I am still on iOS 5 on an iPhone 4 because I want to use Google Maps. But I also want decent security. As outlined in this article, it says that there are 197 security fixes in iOS 6.


If I only use my iPhone 4 for occasional normal browsing with iOS 5, how much security risk am I at? Do I really need to upgrade to iOS 6?
Just an educated guess here since I don't exactly know what 197 items were fixed, but if you follow general safe computing policies you should be fine. Browse known sites, don't download things from untrusted sources, look for SSL security logging into sites, etc.


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Jan 16, 2008
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The problem with assessing any security risk is that there are too many factors involved.

Most people have antivirus software installed on their PC, but the vast majority of them will never have encountered a virus.

Looking at the list of security fixes, many of them are problems in Safari that a malicious site could exploit - how you get to that and whether anyone would bother is another matter.

A sizable chunk are to do with bypassing the device Passcode (albeit with limitations) - that might not be a concern for you.
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