upgrade to OSX 10.9 from OSX 10.8


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Nov 9, 2015
i need to upgrade from 10.8 to 10.9 for my company QA tasks.
iv noticed that i cant do the upgrade online because apple removed 10.9.
is there a way that i can upgrade or make a clean install of 10.9?



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Oct 17, 2013
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is there a way that i can upgrade or make a clean install of 10.9?
Yes there is Guy. Creating a USB installer drive for either purpose has many benefits. You did not say which Mac you are working on but this information will cover most recent models.

Try these links for detailed information:

Read closely to understand the problem with seeing the upgrade option or files online. Mavericks is still available! :apple: There are several ways to make the OS X 10.9 package visible for download. If you have already purchased the operating system at one point the process involves simply changing settings in the App store. If you have not purchased this version of OS X before there are still ways of obtaining the file.
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Jul 30, 2003
You need the Mavericks installer. It's no longer available at the App Store, unless you have already purchased it.
If you have not previously purchased 10.9 when it was in the App Store, you will have to call Apple and ask for a download code for 10.9 so that you can purchase and download it.
I realize the 10.9 was a free download, but it still is called a purchase by the App Store.


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Mar 31, 2015
Like previous posters said its best to contact Apple and ask for download code for Mavericks.

If that doesn't work there are some other options, for instance if company has a Mac that has Mavericks installed then its possible to use Recovery to install it to other Macs. I am not certain if Apples software agreement allows it but it might be an option if you can't get Mavericks otherwise...