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    So, I'm still fairly new to Macs. I have a legit copy of MS Office 2011, 25 letter Office Key that I have used twice, once to install on a 13" rMBP that was later returned and then to install on my current 15" rMBP. I am going to do a clean install of Yosemite today and have a little concern.

    So, I couldn't find my dmg of office installer, tried to get it from the MS Office download site. It told me the product key was not valid when I tried here: https://downloadoffice2010.microsoft.com/macdl/registerkey.aspx?culture=en-US&ref=macdl

    So, I found a dmg online.

    My valid product key isn't being recognized here either https://officeformac.getmicrosoftkey.com

    or here:


    Should I have released the license on the first 13" before I formatted and returned it, and should I do that again before I upgrade to Yosemite? Now that it has been activated twice but only used one at time and the first one has been discontinued since the second one was activated, am I going to have buy a product key again?
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    If I recall my copy came on a DVD?

    Anyways the first one is a link to to the Windows version.

    If you sold the old machine, assuming you wiped the software off of it, you may be able to activate right away, if not you will have to do phone activation. But either way, they'll do you right.
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