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    I have what I'm fairly certain is either a first or second bamboo tablet. I've probably had the thing for six years now, though it probably hasn't been used in two. I want to take it out again now that I'm getting more into photography but I can't seem to find the pen. I don't think Wacom still sells a pen compatible with the model. I might be able to find the pen (either online or of I tear my room apart) should I bother or should I use it as an excuse to upgrade.

    How much of an improvement is there really, I mean, I can't test it right now obviously but I never had a problem with mine and I can hardly imagine more sensitivity, so besides a (much) prettier body what's really the difference between my bamboo (it's from before the fun was even a thing) and the connect?

    I'd probably get either the connect/splash (I think it's the same tablet with different software and I'm not too concerned about software as I have what I need) or the capture. As tempting as the bigger screen of the create is, since I'm not actually an artist I can't really justify it. However, seriously? no eraser on the other pens? Mine from like '08 had that. A little annoying

    It would probably be used mostly for note taking, less handwriting and more diagrams and equations and stuff. I've all but given up paper and pen and do everything electronically (else I'll lose important notes). I will however also be using it for some minor-moderate photo editing.

    After a brief stint with a touch screen pc find that I miss the gesture controls and I'd like to have them in a tablet.
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    If you're looking to get a new tablet check out Ray Frenden's reviews first:

    I had an old 4x6" Wacom Bamboo with 512 levels and just spent $55 on a Huion 610 --which is comparable to a Wacom Intuos. 4x the sensitivity of the old Wacom Bamboo, 2-1/2x the size, and I spent about $80 on the Bamboo several years ago.

    I first read his review of the Monoprice tablet and was going to get that initially --but am VERY happy with this Huion, --Ray Frenden also reviewed it too.

    Saving my pennies for a Yiynova MSP19U now, $599 (compare that to a Cintiq)...:) Frenden's currently testing the not quite released Yiynova MSP22U and apparently it doesn't stack up as well against the 19U.

    Also, I'm not missing the eraser at all. Anyway, it's programmed to a button.

    And here is another review for a Surface Pro:

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