Upgrade Xbox One S to One X AND/OR PS4 to PS4 Pro on 4K NON HDR TV?

Is it worth upgrading Xbox One/Ps4 to One X/Ps4 pro with a 4K Non HDR TV

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Jun 20, 2015
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Hey guys,

Wanted to get some opinions. I have a 65" 4K TV non-hdr that I recently purchased.

I currently have an Xbox One S and Ps4 original. I was thinking of upgrading one or both.

Currently games look pretty good to me on the 65" screen, I'm curious if the jump to 4K without HDR will be a big enough difference to justify the cost of upgrading. I would obviously sell both consoles and put that money towards the new ones.
Right now I'm leaning on only upgrading the Xbox to the One X as it's my primary device (I watch my 4K Netflix and plex content through it, and I prefer it's UI over the Ps4)

What are your thoughts on this? Is the jump from 1080 to 4k without HDR worth it?


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Dec 31, 2004
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I don't have a 4K set and I can see the difference ONLY IF the "patch" updates the graphics and frame-rates...

The PS4 Pro in "Boost Mode" will get you better or more stable frame rates on games that don't have a patch.

Here's an interesting video on Xbox One X's supported games:



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Mar 3, 2008
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From what I've been reading/watching, the main reason to upgrade if you do not have a 4K TV is if you wanted to get the PS VR... it sounds like it "needs" the beefed up hardware of the PRO to get the frame rates up to a 'pleasing' level.

For me, I don't have a 4K TV and am not planning on getting the PS VR right away. Maybe I don't play enough to notice big frame rate drops or anything in my current game library, but in my case, the $400 to upgrade to the PRO isn't worth it.


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Sep 13, 2014
I have a 4K HDR set, but even if that wasn't the case, I would upgrade to Xbox One X.

There are so many exciting changes coming to Xbox and they are laser focused on delivering the best console gaming experience available, in my opinion. I have been a PS player since the original Playstation, but Xbox is just better in so many ways and only getting better...

On a non-HDR set, you can expect to have higher resolution that you will definitely notice. You can expect faster load times, smoother frame rates, better draw distance and more detailed scenery. These are huge improvements over the existing hardware. Plus, the value is undeniable. At $499 you're getting 6TFPS of compute power that is equivalent to GTX 1070. That graphics card runs between $400-450 at the moment. Plus you'd need to get mother board, storage, RAM, WiFi and Bluetooth and of course the case.

You simply could not build a PC for the cost fo the Xbox One X. It's a hell of a value.

That's why I didn't even think twice. I preordered the Scorpio Edition right away.