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Feb 10, 2021
Hey all, rookie poster here.
I upgraded a late 2012 Mac mini to High Sierra from El Capitan.

I had been getting a lot of random ejections of external usb disks on El Cap, despite running the app Mountain.
Right now, no randomness. SoftRAID shows no errors for externals.

So far so good.

Maybe I'll put Catalina or Big Sur on an SD card in the back slot just to see what happens with that.
Thanks. :)


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Nov 2, 2010
Enjoy. I'm still running High Sierra on some machines for which High Sierra is the end of the officially supported line.

I think I'll probably update my main machine to Mojave soon though I will miss High Sierra on that.

10.14 Mojave is the last version of Mac OS to support 32-bit apps which may be important to you.

The 2012 Mini doesn't officially support running Big Sur so for running that you would need to look at the unsupported thread. For most people it'd probably best to stick with no later than Catalina for now on the 2012 Mini.
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