Upgraded to Mavericks, today.

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    Before reading below this line, you must completely read, understand and agree to my Disclaimer, below.
    Yesterday I installed the public release of Yosemite. Today, I decided to UPGRADE to Mavericks.

    I wanted all of my speed back, my clear readable fonts back, all my gorgeous icons back, my Safari URL location window back, and to get rid of the "new" look (reminded me of those retro Bruce Willis Comic Book Movies, except Bruce Willis's movies aren't jerky and don't stutter).

    Here are the exact steps how I did it:

    1.) Before installing Yosemite, I did a Time Machine backup.
    2.) Installed Yosemite.
    3.) Took panic medication.
    4.) Booted from external drive with a recent Mavericks Installer App on it.
    5.) Erased Yosemite disk (Mac OS Extended Journaled).
    6.) Installed Mavericks.
    7.) Disconnected external drive.
    8.) Fired up App Store, and installed all available software updates.
    9.) Connected Time Machine backup drive.
    10.) Rebooted into recovery (Command + R)
    11.) Chose restore from Time Machine Backup.
    12.) Waited 3 hours, voila! Done!
    13.) Explain to people why I am smiling again.

    a.) I believe I could have omitted steps 4 - 9. But, Yosemite alters the recovery partition (puts a Yosemite installer on it), and I wanted everything all Mavericks.
    b.) The way I had a recent Mavericks Installer App: the last time the App Store said a new update of Mavericks available (vers. 10.9.5), I downloaded it, but BEFORE installing it, I found the file by doing a search on my computer for "all files larger than 2 gigabytes," and then copied it to one of my backup drives. Because, I heard if you do not actually SAVE the installer before using it, it would self-delete itself.
    c.) DISCLAIMER: this entire post is my opinion, only, and my experience, only, that worked for me, posted only to stimulate the reader's own thought process for entertainment purposes only. Do NOT attempt any of the steps yourself, unless you 100% accept all risk and responsibility and have an Appropriately Qualified Professional sitting next to you guiding each and every move your hand, fingers, and brain makes because I know nothing, I am stupid, nothing I say is true, and it is very possible each and every one of my words here is incorrect, because, Apple is all-knowing, they can do no wrong, and Yosemite is the absolute greatest operating system on the planet with no flaws whatsoever because Apple can do no wrong, and everybody should love, trust, believe in, and worship Apple.
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