Upgrading '06 iMac Core Duo HDD

Discussion in 'iMac' started by tominated, Aug 16, 2008.

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    Hey guys. I'm looking at upgrading my imac's hard drive so i can fit XP and games and stuff on there. I'm looking at the cheap Western Digital 500gb greenpower hdd. I have a few questions first.

    1. how do i transfer all the data including apps, docs, settings and stuff without an external hdd?

    2. Can i use a sata hdd with the core duo imac or does it need to be IDE?

    3. anybody got a guide or something to help me (i'm going to clean out the dust and crap with some compressed air as well as upgrading the hdd.)

    thanks in advance.
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    1. you will have to get your data off the old hard drive onto the new one some way. the easiest way would be to buy a Firewire 400 external hard drive enclosure with a SATA connection like these and then use Migration Assistant in the setup.

    2. the Core Duo iMac has a SATA hard drive. full specs here.

    3. guides for the Core Duo iMac are hard to find. the best i could get was here.
  3. ColinEC macrumors 6502

    Apr 4, 2008
    You know it may actually be better for you to purchase a large external hard drive, format half as HFS (for Mac) and NTFS (for Windows).

    I was considering putting a larger hard drive into my 2006 iMac for the same reasons as you, but I took apart my iMac to look inside and it looks like far too much trouble.

    You have to be careful to not break very expensive components which are packed tightly into the case, attach a heat-sensor, fix all the EMI-tape, transfer all the data, etc.

    But if you do really want to replace the hard drive, might want to find a professional who'll do it for you - the risk of damaging the iMac's hardware is much lower.

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