Upgrading a late 2006 MBP

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Bbguns, Sep 20, 2012.

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    Hi -
    I've got a late-06 17" MBP (2.33ghz, 2MB RAM). Now that I've purchased a new 15" MBP, my boys are taking over the older computer. Given the age, I'd like to update it for them and am considering adding RAM and maybe even a SSD.

    Here are my questions...
    The computer will apparently only read 3GB of RAM...but I've read somewhere that it can actually 'see' 3.3GB. Anyone have any experience with 3 vs. 4 GB of RAM in this computer?

    I'm looking at an OWC 120GB SSD as a replacement for the 160 GB HDD. I assume the increase in speed will be significant. Will the combo of adding RAM and SSD be worthwhile or would it be better to stick with just one. I don't want to sink too much $$ into the project if there's not going to be an appreciable improvement...

    Thanks in advance...
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    This link says "up to 3GB" - not sure if it will recognize more. As far as the SSD, it will be a significant difference in speed during everyday tasks. Accompanied by a RAM upgrade, the computer will run very smoothly, plus keep in mind the parts you are considering are always reusable in another unit.

    A 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo with 3GB 667 MHz DDR2 and a 128GB SSD will be a solid computer - it's worth the upgrades in my opinion.
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    Because they had different variations of the c2d chip in it. His 2006, like my venerable white 2.16ghz c2d iMac has the first versions of the c2d which were limited to 3 or 3.33 gb of ram. Later families of processors didn't have this hardware limitation.

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