Upgrading but not activating at Apple Store?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by yg17, Feb 18, 2015.

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    My parents both have iPhone 4s on my AT&T account, and they want to upgrade to the 6. I know what they want, so I was going to swing by the Apple Store on my way home from work tomorrow, there's no need for them to be there with me. However, I don't want their old phones becoming deactivated until I get a chance to give the phones to them.

    When I bought my 6 online, my old phone/SIM card was active until I turned on the 6 for the first time and went through the activation process. Is the same true for phones bought at the Apple Store? I'm worried if I buy the phones tomorrow, I won't be able to get them to my parents until sometime later this weekend and they'll be without working phones until then. Thanks.
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    You shouldn't have any problem with that. Just explain what you are doing and why you want to activate them later. That sort of thing is done all the time. :apple:

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