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Upgrading CPU?


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Original poster
Sep 5, 2005
Los Angeles!
I've been thinking about upgrading my CD (T2700) for a C2D (T7400 or T7600) on my iMac... But I don't have the nerve of doing it myself...

Anyone know of a person or a shop here in Los Angeles that can do it for a reasonable price?


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Dec 17, 2009
You are going to end up paying someone probably 300 just so you can get less than 20% faster processor. And you will simply be upgrading one out of date processor for another. Unless you do it yourself it just isn't worth it.


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Jan 28, 2010
I agree with the others saying it isn't worth it, unless it's done by you.

If you look on iFixit and find the correct guide, it really isn't that hard to do so. In my eyes, it's worth the CPU upgrade as well as a tuneup from the cleaning that would be done as well as new thermal paste. You could also throw a SSD in there to get maximum life from the machine.
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