Upgrading from 2013 high end MacBook pro - help!


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Nov 4, 2017
Hi folks,

I'm the owner of a 11,3 MacBook Pro.

This thing rocks. I bought it when it was about a year and a half old, for $1300, which was an amazing deal. I took a chance buying used from a soccer mom on Amazon (learned that through conversation!) and it paid for itself many times. The battery is getting tired (I'm sure I can replace it on my own), it gets hot quite often and I'm just thinking about upgrading.

I have an opportunity to buy a 13,3 MacBook Pro for $1200

The CPU seems like it would be a later change and geekbench scores tend to not be wildly different. Same mount of memory (not sure if it's faster memory) and the 455 seems like a big improvement over the 750m. I game - nothing hardcore, but I'm on steam in my free time - though nothing high performance.

I feel like it should be significantly more than $1200, but maybe I'm missing something. It's not a huge upgrade, but I feel like some updates are going to start missing features for my 2013 laptop. Is this a worthwhile upgrade? I have no interested in paying 2500 for a new one!


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Jan 2, 2017
New York
Seems to be like a good deal / upgrade from your current machine. The only thing I'm a little hesitant about is the keyboard. The 2016 models were the first ones to be notorious for their keyboard failures. The graphic card will certainly be an improvement as well as the hard drive read / write speed. So overall, a good upgrade. Just make sure you're buying it from a trusted reseller. Given that its 2019, odds are any AppleCare services have expired, but the keyboard itself should be covered for at least another 2 years or so. Good luck!