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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by tarusse1, Jan 7, 2009.

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    Ok have a quick question that I wanted to get answered before I go to get an iphone. My wife has an first gen 4gb Iphone that she bought in August of 07. My plan with Verizon is ending and we are going to get a family plan with my new 3g iphone and she wanted to get a 3g one as well. Should she qualify for the 199 price? And how much are the family plans for the iphone? Also would it be best to go to ATT store or the apple store to get them? Thanks for the help.
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    For a definite answer, she can check her AT&T account online. There's an upgrade area that tells her what she qualifies for.

    If you walk into an Apple store to buy the iPhones and you don't already have an AT&T family plan, they can't create one for you. They can upgrade your wife's phone, and they can port your Verizon number over and set you up with an AT&T account, but the Apple store can't create a family plan. You'd have to call customer service later and have them do it.

    So in that aspect, if there's a corporate-owned AT&T near you, that might be easier.

    If you do go to the Apple store, you can make things go a lot quicker if you enter most of the info from home:

    The 5 minutes you spend there can save the Apple person helping you 10 minutes of time typing it into their EasyPay handheld thing.
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    I was able to upgrade my first generation iPhone to the iPhone 3G and get the subsidized price on the 3G with no problems at all. This was all with AT&T. You could always check to be sure but I think that you are fine since I was in a very similar situation.
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    Does your wife have an existing AT&T plan? Did she start it in Aug. 07 when she purchased the iPhone? If the answer is yes to both, then she should qualify for the $199/$299 pricing if her account is in good standing with AT&T.

    FamilyTalk Plans start at $59.99 for the (550 Minute plan), please note that this plan is not available in all markets, it is offered based on your Zipcode.

    Each iPhone 3G requires a $30 data plan and this does not include any TXT msgs as the 200 that the original $20 iPhone plan offered.

    Well, you have a choice of AT&T, Apple, BestBuy and Walmart for your iPhone 3G purchase. There are benefits to each choice, which one is closest to you?


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