Upgrading from Old Macbook (2009)

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by basketballm3j2, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. basketballm3j2 macrumors newbie

    Jun 3, 2014
    Its time I upgrade from my old MacBook (Late 2009), only 2GB memory.

    Im not the most well-informed on all the memory/computing terms, but I really just want a computer that will last me a while and perform very well and fast.

    I'm debating between the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro w/ Retina (13"), but leaning towards the pro.

    My main question is how much RAM and flash storage (not sure what this even is) I should get...

    On my current computer, I have around 2000 songs, a few movies, and a good amount of pictures. I use my laptop mainly for Email, web browsing (I often have open alot of tabs), and things like Word/Ppt/Excel etc. Im not big into photo/video editing, but I may dabble here and there with photoshop/playing with pictures.

    The base MacBook Pro w/ Retina comes with 4GB RAM and 128GB flash storage, but I have no idea if thats enough for how I use my laptop and its longevity. While I am not trying to spend TOO much, I was wondering if it is worthwhile to upgrade either my RAM to 8GB or both RAM and flash storage to 8 and 256GB?

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    Jan 10, 2014
    Sydney, Australia
    Flash Storage is a storage medium similar to hard drives but heaps faster.

    For longevity purposes (since RAM is non upgradeable), I would strongly suggest the 8 GB RAM model with the 2.4 GHz i5.

    As for the flash storage, click the apple logo in the top left, then about this Mac, storage and it'll say, '250Gb SATA disk' for example and next to that it'll say how much you're using. Make sure you buy a model one higher than what will fit just in case.

    Hope this helps.

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